Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Based on a book of the same name, Cloud Atlas is an ambitious movie that weaves together several stories set in different period of human existence. It attempts to establish connections among these different stories but what these connections actually were, were quite lost on me. It could be that people's needs and desires are essentially the same though they may manifest differently or that the consequences of actions ripples through time beyond what one can imagine. I felt the stories did not quite interweave so seamlessly and it messages got muddled within them. Beyond the fact that they used the same actors which may imply that some of the characters were the descendants of earlier characters or that they actually appeared in another story in a later time period, I could not see an indisputable connection between the stories. I kept waiting for that awe defining moment, some type of revelation, where something indeed transcends time but it didn't come. So basically Cloud Atlas simply had individual stories with pretty scenes which didn't come together into a cohesive narrative. Additionally I have to say all that effort in having the same actors play different roles...they sometimes distracted me. I kept seeing Tom Hank or whoever  playing this character...and oh here he is again...and there he is again...I could not see the characters for themselves.

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