Friday, November 16, 2012

Trailer Watch: Beautiful Creatures Second Trailer

The second trailer has been released. I'm guessing, since both The Host and The Mortal Instruments trailer premiered this week, the people behind Beautiful Creatures, don't want this movie to be left in the back and forgotten, hence the new trailer.

If you have seen my previous post (which you can read here) on the first trailer, than you would know I wasn't too impressed by it.

But...I actually like this second trailer. Shows slightly more footage, in a way that gives a more coreherent synopsis of what the movie is about. They have also continued to used the same Seven Devils track by Florence and the Machine to a more thunderous effect playing out so beautifully...and I mean really there were scenes of thunderous tornadoes. I guess I'll catch this movie when it comes out. A little curious how the soundtrack look like too since they have such an awesome track for the trailer.

Beautiful Creatures will most likely open in Singapore February 2013 .

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