Monday, November 12, 2012

The Cold Light of Day (2012)

Henry Cavill seems like he's been groomed to be the next action star. I'm not sure how that's working out. There's this movie. He was also in Immortals which was completely forgettable. Looked like an attempt to do what 300 did with the visuals but with a story that was not only boring but lack inspiration. And of course he is Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel. I am not a fan of Superman, but after the bore that was Superman Returns where I could hardly get past like hmm ten minutes possibly, I am definitely looking forward to see Man of Steel. Henry certainly has that physique and looks for Superman. Wonder how he looks in the suit and specs getup since we haven't really seen any images of him as Clark Kent.

Anyhow so how was The Cold Light of Day. It was for lack of a better word...a bore. I can't believe Sigourney Weaver involved herself in yet another awful movie. Did anyone saw Abduction? Yep, she was also in that, and that was also terrible. 

The story here, the whole setup as to why Henry Cavill's character had to go off and save his family is weak. Basically the entire movie is simply of Henry's character running around in a foreign country and that's it. No drama, no tension, just simply action and not good action as well. There have been more better spy/assasin movies out there. Bourne anyone? 

One thing that really bugs me is, how does Henry's character becomes so good at using a gun or combat? He seems so clueless about his father's job and there no hint of him being a avid hunter or some martial arts master. Don't tell me...spy genes?

I think I may be going into spoiler territory be warned. I understood why Bruce Willis character had to be killed, because he was the only one who truly knew about the briefcase and had the skills to prevent Sigourney's character from closing the sale. But why does her character want to eliminate Henry's clueless  character. Some excuse about no witness. Here's the thing...if her character and her men just went ahead and sold the briefcase, Henry's character and his family would have been killed by his family's captors because he didn't manage to prevent the sale.

Oh, and there's a whole lot of product placement in this too. I have a suspicion that this movie was probably a vehicle for advertisement, especially for cars. In particular there were two scenes laden with product placement. One when we are given a view of a town square which just happens to have a huge car ad banner on one of the buildings. Another was in a carpark, where we get a closeup on all the car logos as multiple characters were hiding by the cars.

So I guess the only good thing was that this movie was incredibly short.

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