Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

I love period drama and fairytale adaptations. And this seemed to be all that, so I had hoped it would be good snd had really wanted to see it. It was a dark Snow White tale, and rightly so. So that part was good. They had Charlize as the beautiful evil queen good and a strong rugged huntsmen....check. But then they went ahead and cast Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Now although I like Kristen and think she's a good actress in some movies (Twilight not have to see the earlier indie stuff), she is miscast in this. Firstly she's to skinny and too modern looking. But mostly because she has that awkward thing about her...not the delicate earthly beauty Snow White needs to be.

Now lets go to the story. I think the story with the huntsman twist is there and could work, but execution was bad. The script was bland. The acting was meh...Kristen has that awkward thing going on which is just not working for ths movie. There was a scene in which she had to dance with the dwarves, and that was painfully awkward. I do think the worst was the special effects. I had scene a clip that was shown on some entertainment program before I had seen the movie. This clip was that of the troll. It had looked disappointingly bad, and now seeing the whole scene, it is really bad.  I don't understand why they feel the need to put this creature into the story when they can't do great special effects to truly bring it to life. I understand that they wanted to establish that Snow White is special, that she is kind and has a connection with nature....but perhaps do it more with normal creatures? You know like deers and rabbits...the Disney version did and it worked.  Real normal creatures required less special effects and actually give that nature connection more effectively. Don't you think?'s nice that they're trying to have Snow be more active rather than passive and not another damsel in distress. But like I said execution needs work. I have to say, I can't stand it when movies put a girl in armor and have her swing a sword. Lets face it, unless she's been trained as a soldier...she probably can't even walk, let alone swing a sword. Armours are heavy, and so are swords!!!!

Lets skip to the ending. I can't really say what happens as to not spoil it, just that Snow of course survives. And it was also done in away that leaves room for the story to develop if there's a sequel. This movie actually from what I've read did very well in terms of tickets, rental and DVD sales, so you may have heard, a sequel is said to be in the pipeline although I don't think the actors have signed on. I hope they do. Now even though I am not a fan of this, I am curious what they would actually do with the huntsman in the sequel. Furthermore, rather than relying on an old age old fairy tale, the story for the sequel has to be that I want see.

Quite a long post this has turned out. Anyhow, I don't really recommend watching this. If it happens to be on cable, ok...but to get it on DVD...not worth it, I'm glad I didn't. Mine fortunately was a rental.

If you want to watch a better Snow White movie, I'd recommend the 1997 TV movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror (Which I recently rewatch on a rental...I rewatch it every few years or so, hmm perhaps its time I buy it on DVD). This one kept it dark too and the actress certainly makes a better Snow White. The evil queen played by Sigourney Weaver is much more creepy and horrifying. And I love what they did with the dwarves, no longer are they dwarves but here they're social outcasts. Its not really a movie thats widely seen so if you've seen the movie, how did you find it, I'd like to know. And do you think it's a better Snow White movie than Snow White and the Huntsman?


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this film! It's good to see I'm not the only one who didn't enjoy this movie that much either. The gals I work with at DISH looked at me like I was crazy earlier today when I told them how I felt about this film lol! I think it all has to do with Kristen Stewart in the end as to why I disliked it though. After watching it last night I came to the conclusion that she was just casted to rake in those Twilight fans for money. I didn't go see it this in theaters thankfully, and I saved my money by renting it instead with my Blockbuster @Home package through DISH. I have not seen Snow White: A Tale of Terror either, but it definitely sounds like something I would enjoy watching. I'll add that to my queue right now to see how I feel about it; thanks for mentioning it! :)

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yep, I think you're right, she probably also got casted to bank in her Twilight fame. Although I think they too would probably be disappointed, not the way I am, but that this movie has little romance. And do watch Snow White: A Tale of Terror. Such a good movie.


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