Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trailer Watch: Dream House and Intruders

Two horror/thriller movies coming in late September and early October. Both has that are there ghosts/Scary people/ Or is the family plain crazy? Kind of plot.

First up is Dream House. Its about a family that moves into a new house and learn that a terrible crime occured at the house, while weird stuff starts happening to them too. Watch the trailer, it does have some scary elements and it reveals a Shutter Island -ish plot.

Next is the Intruders. The plot summary from IMDB has it as "A horror/thriller centered on the origin of the monsters that are born in childhood and are passed on by the family." I don't really see that plot in the trailer. What I see is the children seeing some strange being? haunting them...after which a parent see the being too, but no one else seems now the family seems crazy. Ok so now I'm really curious what are these kids secrets.? And one of them at least looks too big to believe in childhood monsters.

So both of these movies look like those horror movies with twist endings. Could be really great or terribly silly. Lets hope at least one of them can offer something good. What do you think the twists are for these two movies?

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