Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Scene: V for Vendetta - Are you like a crazy person

One of my favourite scenes from the movie. I never knew soo many words starting with V and V strung them all together into something coherent. "Are you like a crazy person"...Hah! There's humour in the scene too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Posters Galore: Somewhere

The poster has been released for awhile now. I like that it doesn't really look like a movie poster, which would kinda be at its disadvantage. It more of like an ad for a hotel, or a vacation spot, or just an ad for a certain lifestyle doesn't it? It even has a bit of a 70's or 80's look about it doesn't it?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quarantine (2008)

** Contain Spoilers**

Saw this movie a few nights ago on HBO. I'm sure its been edited ...I guess that's the trouble with watching  shows and movies on regular tv and cable...a lot would have been cut out.

Quarantine I'd say is a mix of Cloverfield (because of us seeing the movie through the camera lenses of the tv cameraman) and any other zombie movie out there. We as the audience get to be transported and feel like we're there on the field with the the lead character as she meet other characters and slowly try to learn about what is going a way we've invested ourselves with what was happening to these people...because we're one of them aren't we? As long as they live we have a chance to find the reason to whatever that was happening and when they die...then that's it.

One of the problems I have with the story is, why was it so slow for anyone to realise there was something seriously wrong with the sick people. The first sick person they encountered was an elderly woman whose mouth was stained with blood. She wasn't able to communicate and she later lunged and bit an officer like an animal...and yet they didn't believe what just happened. I'm was all on taped...just rewind...denial should have ended there. Later they found another sick woman...who was foaming at the mouth! And there was a Vet there present, who I though didn't appear to be some mumbling nervous why did that not ring any bells? Ok fine! So horror movies like to throw in some stupid characters and loop holes. Move along.

I guess for me the fun really starts when they finally realise what they're dealing with. They start to panic running around, round nowhere really since they're all stuck in the building. More of them get infected. Hysteria starts to set in. And then the lights starts to go off and their only guiding light was the one from the camera...and out of infected person comes charging at the camera...which is even used as a weapon to struck with. The whole thing kinda reminds me of the Ju-On game demo I saw. Haha :)

Overall I do think its a pretty decent watch. I would never have rented it since I had never been interested in the story. But since it was on tv I took a chance and saw it. Its a fun horror movie to watch and I enjoyed it . The ending was there would be a sequel, which has since been confirmed. And now I am curious about the original, Rec. too. It should be good right?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Rants/Thoughts: Pan's Labyrinth, Ofelia's Magical World Real?

Ok so I rewatched Pan’s Labyrinth again…still great. Here’s the thing. I remember a conversation I had with a friend when I had first watched it some 3 years ago. I had told him that I found it terribly sad and heartbreaking. “Why?” he had asked me “Isn’t the magical kingdom real and Ofelia got to return to it and her to real parents ?”.

My friend was obviously in the camp that “It wasn’t just an imaginary world, it was all real, Ofelia is a princess”. One of the reasons he gave that I remembered, was the chalk. Mercedes found some chalk drawing and Vidal actually found a chalk on his table. Then there’s the mandrake root, that both Carmen and Vidal both saw. So of course this magical world exist, since traces of it are left behind in the real world.

It’s kinda obvious by now that I’m in the “It’s completely imaginary” camp. I have two reasons. One. Of course you see other characters seeing the chalk and mandrake root. These objects are real, they exist in the real world. They are not completely imaginary, even if they were tools in Ofelia’s imaginary world. And so was the Labyrinth, it did exist in the real world, remember Mercedes talked about it in the beginning. It just happens to be the setting of this fantastical world that Ofelia created. Second, I think the notion that we (writers, artists or just regular folks) fashion imaginary characters upon actual real people or at the very least take away certain characteristics from real people we know, is nothing new. And this too is often seen in movies and stories especially those involving children. Remember Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, The Fall. And with Ofelia, it’s the same.Her mother in the magical kingdom is Carmen. If this magical world was real, wouldn’t her mother the Queen be physically different from Carmen?

So that’s why I found the ending heartbreaking. Because she dies. There is no magical kingdom she is returning to. No King and Queen is awaiting the return of their princess. And yet Ofelia believed in it till the very end. It was the only way she could cope with the horrible things that was happening to her in the real world. I know its been said somewhere that Guillermo Del Toro had said that the magical world wasn’t just in Ofelia’s head…maybe he did say it, maybe he didn’t. But what do you think? How did you saw it as? Is the magical fantasy kingdom real? Or was it all an imaginary world created by Ofelia?

Snippet: True Blood Season 3 Starts Today

Season 3 starts today at 9pm on HBO. Glad locally, its now airing on HBO instead of previously Cinemax. Its just now worth it for me to suscribe to Cinemax since I'm not really into watching Action nor B flicks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Snippet: Bleak House on OkTo, Saturdays at 10pm

The BBC has been producing great literary adaptations the past years. Too bad OkTo has started to only show them again now when I've pretty much watched everything already. Nontheless Bleak House is just excellent. So take this opportunity to watch it if you haven't.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Rants/Thoughts: Avatar Back in Theaters in August

As you might have read, Avatar is getting re-released this August in 3D with some 8 minutes of extra footage (read here). It already dominated the December box office, now its trying to cash in on the summer box office. In a way though, it does give people like who hasn't seen the movie in 3D to see it. Which I kinda do. See it in 3D I mean. But...I did not like the story, and not just that, I found it completely boring that I fell asleep halfway through. So I'm not sure I want to sit through and endure the story again and pay a full 3D ticket price for something so dreary. What's more, this one is to contain 8 extra minutes? Wasn't it way too long to begin with? If only I could just step in for like a few minutes of its "best" scene, just to see what the hoo haa was all about and step out. That would be ideal.

Out & About: Up in the Air

Yes it seems there's only one new release the past week. And that's Up in the Air. I wanna watch this. I did like Juno and even more Thank You For there's a chance that I might really enjoy this one.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

50 Best Movies [I've Seen] Of The Decade: No 30. Pan's Labyrinth

Ahh fairy tales...remember the way they used to be...scary, before the "Once upon a time" and "Happily ever afters."  Yes Pan's Labyrinth is a return to form you could say. What with a story involving a lost princess, a magical kingdom and monsters that come from the realm of fantasy and reality too. The real world there's Captain Vidal and his army...exacting their absolute power on the people and the rebels. Then the fantasty, are the frightful creatures from Ofelia's imaginary world, a world that she seem to create to survive the harsh realities of the real world, but just as frightening. That's twisted right? The way Ofelia can never escape the horrors she's experienced, that in a way she kinda brings it and all the hardships to this new world. The movie being able to excel in weaving the real and imaginary world, I think is one of the reasons the movie is soo good. So much so that we are left often to wonder if this imaginary world is really real. Its just a wonderfully told story that's beautiful, horrifying and heartbreaking. The score too was just haunting...remember the lullaby...I can't help but hum its sometimes, it sticks doesn't it?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Out & About: Away We Go, From Paris With Love and Youth in Revolt

Out on DVD the past week is Away We Go starring John Krasinski. Not too sure, but I think I did see From Paris With Love on DVD in stores too. Or was it just some advertisement for it? Can't say I'm interested in watching the movie at all. Travolta has not been in a good film in a long long while. And lastly there's Youth in Revolt. The book is still on my book shelf unread. So I'll have to read it first before seeing the adaptation.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Scene: Twilight Lab Scene

Its been awhile since I've read Twilight. But here's what I remember. Bella smells really good to Edward. He wants to eat her there and then. So he was basically restraining himself, throughout the class with all his strength, from ripping her apart and drink her blood dry. What I would thought to have reflect on Edward's face was a mixture of agony, due to him physically going against his natural instincts as a predator. And hurt,disappointed and somewhat angry at himself due to him failing to have better control of his vampiric needs (remember he wishes to be like Carlisle). But Robert Pattinson did it all with a constipated look on him that was more like he was disgusted and repulsed by Bella. Badly done. Badly done indeed.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Versatile Blogger Meme

Ok, so FlixChatter tagged me for the Versatile Blogger Meme a few weeks ago. I know I'm super late...I've been distracted the last few weeks or so...evident by my lack of posts. Anyhow I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself. But this is a movie I've got to keep things related. I understand that there had been a Seven Movie Questions About Me meme going about awhile back. Which is great! I'll do that. So here are the questions and my answers.

QUESTION ONE: What was your first movie-going experience?

I might have not remembered my very first. But the one movie I do remember going to and fully understanding the movie itself was Curly Sue.

QUESTION TWO: How many DVDs do you own?

A hundred give or take. I've been trying to get some of my favorites. Jeux d'enfants Love Me If You Dare...where are you?

QUESTION THREE: What is your guilty pleasure movie?

Grease, Twilight...I'm sure there are more that I'm not remembering.

QUESTION FOUR: You’ve compiled a list of your top 100 movies. Which ones didn’t make the cut?

Hmm...I've never made a top100 movies list before.

QUESTION FIVE: Which movie(s) do you compulsively watch over and over again?

Grease, Great Expectations, The Virgin Suicides, A Little Romance...

QUESTION SIX: Classics you’re ashamed to admit you haven’t seen.

Err...can't say I'm ashamed...but here's a few that I would like to see and haven't. Doctor Zhivago, Seven Samurai, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, North by Northwest, 8½, Lord of the Flies, A Streetcar Named Desire...

QUESTION SEVEN: What movie posters are hanging in your room? 

Volver. I actually have an original theatrical one [I got it free :)] and the colours are just soo rich...very pretty. Its just one of those posters that actually look like art rather than a photoshop mess.

Well thats it. I'm supposed to tag someone else now right? I tag an old school friend of mine at  Nine Flavours

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