Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pictures of the Twilight movie?

Ok so I've noticed...that most of the site hits I get are from people who are checking out my posts on the Twilight movie. Wow it does have a lot of fans out there and a lot of people curious about the movie too huh? I'm curious and interested kinda looks like it could be a teen thriller kinda way. So anyhow...I too have been searching for trailers, posters or promo pics that have been far though...the official ones, there has only been the Cullen family pics...nothing else. But I did find these 2 great fan sites...tons of pictures (unofficial of course) and some youtube videos of the cast on set...some of it are pretty fuzzy, no doubt, probably being taken secretly...but its cool...we get to see bits and pieces of the location...the set...the cast..the costumes...pretty cool.

So here are the sites.

Twilight-The Movie Now this is a foreign language blog...but hey you don't need translations to look at a picture right.

Twilighters Another great site...loads of pics.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Assasination of a High School President clips

Assasination of a High School President is one of the movies in my list of Movies I Wanna Watch in 2008. Its suppose to be a film noir set in a present day high school ...which kinda sounds like Brick...except this one is also suppose to be a dark comedy. Sounds pretty good right? I've been searching the web for its trailers for some time now...but looks like it has yet to be released.

And the only clip I seem to find is this (see below) MTV preview with an interview with the main casts on the set. Pretty cool.

But today ...I found some 5 clips on this site called Film School Rejects. Finally we get to see something of the movie. Honestly though, I'm disappointed...I don't see the dark humour of it. But it seems the movie has had reasonably good reviews...on some sites at I still want to check this one out. It supposedly opens in watch out for it.

Now check out the clips here. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Posters Galore: Life Before Her Eyes

Looks like a new poster for Life Before Her Eyes has been released these few weeks. I say new because I remember vaguely that a few months ago I saw another poster on some movie site...and when I tried to check it out again...the page said that the poster had been removed...due to...go figure...That poster I saw was prettier. Had both images of Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood and it had warm colours...Orange, Reds and like this spotlight effect if I remember the ones in the trailer...very pretty.

Anyway...this one is a tad dull don't you think...not much colour. I mean I know the movie is a drama about a tragedy that occured...but the trailers have been full colours...I mean it wasn't really filmed in like muted, dark colours...or whatever... the colours were lively...This poster is pretty much just black and white...with the actresses in reflecting images...pretty boring. And did you noticed how horribly digitally enhanced Uma Thurman's face a very weird big nosed way. I mean seriously...I don't know how the poster got passed...It looks like a really sloppy work to me.

A new Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off to be made?

Wow...I haven't written in like two weeks or so...Its been a busy last two weeks...Watched a couple of movies...reading some stuff...And so whats this I hear of a new Beverly Hills 90210 series being made? Read this here on

You know what...I'm all for it. I've watched the first few seasons of the show when the characters were all kids...though I can't remember most of the story lines cause I was really young then...but I do remember it was one of my favourite shows back then. Hmm I wonder if I find it all stupid now if I watch the show again. But nahh...I think it was a fun 90s show...nothing too serious or gritty...I really wanna get the first season on dvd...once the price drops a little of course...pity its not available for rent here.

Yep...I think its great they're trying to make a new spin-off. Hopefully some of the characters of the original series get to be in the main cast...or at least be a recurring character. Maybe a teacher? A neighbour? Friend of the family of the new kids? Could be cool. Though...if they made the series too might see a rival in Gossip Girls... competing for for young fans and the ratings...that show is still pretty hot now...and we don't need to see two shows about rich kids who have bigger problems than everyone else in the same time period right...

Anyway whatever the case...I'd like to see it happen.

Source :

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Posters Galore: Smart People

I just found the second Smart People poster at Cinematical Have a look.

What do you think? It certainly looks better than the first one. Very colourful. The actors as the characters and all. I'm sure they'll be able to bank in on the famous faces and names...especially with Ellen Page's recent popularity. I even like the title in the form of Scrabble letter tiles. Cute. I'm looking forward to this movie.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rosemary's Baby Is Geting a Remake

Word from is that Rosemary's Baby is getting a remake. Wow...A major horror classic being remade...first The Rosemary's Baby...What's next? The Exorcist? Poltergeist? I'm not all against remakes. I know its usually a way for studios to make more money with something that already works without spending more time and money with something thats new and original...where success is not guaranteed. Honestly though... I think its fun seeing a different interpretation of a story...A different take...a different cast...a different script...a different time period...its interesting to see how it all comes together...and to see if it all still works. Most times anyway...the remake is never better that the original...And if the remake is bad...than its big deal... we can just stick to the original right. What's sad though...I have to say is when people go to see a remake and think that they just saw something thats original...don't you think that's just sad?

I actually wrote a little review of Rosemary's Baby on my My Pick: Scary Movies post...heres an excerpt of the post.
I'm glad that I managed to watch this movie...because this is a real gem...In Singapore...I don't think this is as well known as lets say...The Poltergeist, The Exorcist or The Omen...which is a pity...and I say check this one out quick. Is this film scary...sure...and like the above in a very subtle way...more psychological horror really. There are no supernatural hideous beasts...What we have is a creepy apartment with harmless looking yet creepy old folks who are sinisterly plotting an elaborate plan to impregnate Rosemary with the Satan's spawn, and of course respectfully....and no less, with her husband's permission!!! Now if that isn't frightening I don't what is. And Mia Farrow was of course just superb in this...her Rosemary, with that famed haircut, was just so frail and fragile...running around, pregnant and frantic with fear of what was happening to her.
You can read the whole post here that has little reviews of some other scary flicks that I like. Anyhow...Rosemary's Baby is one of my favourite I do hope...they make a good one...hmmm...maybe thats too much to ask? ;)


Monday, March 03, 2008

First Movie Magazine Website goes live

First movie the only movie magazine in if you're a movie buff in must be familiar with it...I myself have been a reader since its first year of (from its fourth or fifth issue) launch. And I've kept almost every issue of it. Sometimes I wonder why I still buy it...since I pretty much know of every movie news that gets on print in each issue already (read almost all online already). First magazine can be quite slow in some stuff...remember how I thought me releasing my Movies I Wanna Watch in 2008 list in mid Jan was quite late...First mag released their 50 movies of 2008 only in their Feb issue...for a magazine...thats late I say...aren't you suppose to be at the fore front of all thats movies in Singapore?. Anyway...I guess I buy into all those glossy pictures thing...and the need for a local perspective of everything thats why I still buy First every month.

Anyhow ... news is that their new website is now up.This wouldn't be their first website...the first one was horrible. Horrible layout. Pretty much not updated. So far this new one looks good. Has a nice clean layout. Links all seem to work. A lot of their reviews have been put up...several features...some event pics and you can even check out their previous magazine covers.

I hope they really keep this one up...keep updating...keeping it relevant and current (their March issue is out but the website seems to be stuck in February)...put up more movie trailers...and have some movie news too. Right now...I'm pretty curious about what the Movie Club thing is suppose to be.

So check out their website here.

April Fool's Day Remake Going Straight to DVD

Now I had listed this April Fool's Day remake as one of the movies in 2008 that I'd like to watch...Simply because...I rather like the original. Its been some time since I've watched it but I remembered it to be one of the typical teen slasher flick...but with an interesting little twist at the end...which made it worth the watch. Can you guess what it is?

Well it seems that the trailer has been released and...the movie will only get a dvd release...yep no theatrical one there...Its really no surprise when you watch the trailer ...which kinda makes me think...did the original look this bad...somehow I don't remember it it so.

So the trailer shows us these rich kids...having some kind of party in a huge mansion...they all dress very very in fancy ballroom gowns and tuxs complete with gloves...and for several forget they're suppose to be kids...seriously...why can't kids be kids...and the scenes look very soap kinda get hints of the Bold and the Beautiful slash the OC. Then they had the accident scene...where the girl fell...then a whole one year later thing...its like a soap opera murder mystery flick does it not? but with a I Know What You Did Last Summer turn when the 'killer' starts to pick them off one by one. So far it does not look good at all....anyhow I still wonder how the whole April fool's thing is going to looks soo different from the original...story wise and like a more inferior cheesier version too. And don't you think the girl who plays the hostess of the party, Desiree...looks scarily like Posh Spice...tall thin...tanned with that short haircut.

So check out the trailer yourself

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