Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Picks: Hauntings

I've been meaning to write this post earlier, but procrastination took over so I just got around to it now.

Halloween is tomorrow so it is the time to scare yourselves by watching some scary movies. This time my picks revolve around hauntings because don't we all just love a good ghost story.

Haunted Homes

We are certainly unaccustomed to living with minimal lighting and so a movie in which a house is shrouded in darkness, because the children of the house have a medical condition which makes them sensitive to light, certainly makes a great set up for a horror movie. Then add a stressed out mother who goes around the house tensed and worried about keeping her children safe, maintaining the ritual of locking one room before opening another to ensure as little light floods into a room, increases the tension and suspense surrounding the house. It's obvious that everything is not what it appears to be...especially after a few eerie occurrences.

Newly divorced, fighting for the custody of her daughter and relocating is incredibly stressful for Yoshimi. Worse still when the dark spots that have started appearing on the ceiling of their new apartment is dripping water. This movie is not only effectively scary but also sad as we see this woman struggling to earn a living and keep her daughter but also fight what seems to be an evil presence trying to harm them.

I've seen two of the movies. The first and another which I can't remember which one of the sequels. Paranormal Activity movies are found footage movies which means, by it's very nature, doesn't make much of a narrative. Still, I think it is effectively scary by making it seem that the supernatural things we see were something that actually happened.

A lawyer is sent to Marsh House to settle the estate of a deceased widow. Marsh House is scary for various reasons: it is old, have always been empty except for the one, recently deceased, inhabitant and the locals fear it greatly because they say a woman in black haunts it. In addition to that, Marsh House is also completely isolated during high tide when the water cuts it off from the mainland. Now does that not create the best set up for haunted house story? There are actually two adaptations of the book by Susan Hill, the 1989 version and the 2012 one. I prefer the 1989 version because I find it is better at playing with the natural elements like the sound of the wind, the mist creating a great atmosphere of menace and dread.

Haunted Orphanages  

One of my favourite movies. At the end of the Spanish Civil war, a boy is sent to an orphanage. There he begins seeing a ghost who is trying to communicate with him. Although this movie does have a ghost haunting the orphanage, with a few ghostly scenes, it is not only a ghost story as soon more sinister things begin to unravel. I won't say what exactly happens because the less you know the better. And I just found out there's a criterion edition out.... I have to get it.

Haunted Hotels

A lot of people have called this one of scariest movie. So because of that I've added it here. I watched this a few years back but unfortunately I did not like it. I found parts of it annoying, which could have taken away the supposedly scary elements because in the end I didn't really find it scary. I think I'll and watch it again sometime.

The hotel in this one is about to close and we arrive at the story during its last week of business. Only
two of its staff are on duty and there are still a few guests staying. What makes the movie scary is that the house is known to be haunted which is why the two employees are actually trying to make a last ditch effort to record paranormal activities by exploring the hotel with their little gadgets. Although they themselves have never encountered supernatural incidents before, there is always this anticipation that something scary is going to pop out throughout the movie since the hotel is now practically empty. Additionally some of the remaining guests look a little weird and you begin to wonder if they are really people or are they ghosts?

I have also done similar posts in the past. Some of the titles here have also made appearances in them. You can click here and here to read them.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Scene: Stardust - You know when I said I knew little about love?

I love Stardust. It's incredibly funny, it's sweet and it has a lot of heart. And this is probably one of my favourite scenes, Yvaine's declaration of love.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Recap Clip Recapping the Last Season

It's the time of the year when a TV series previous season get released on DVD. Yay! I almost never get to catch them when they air on TV so I wait around until they get their DVD releases. Plus I just love binge watching a season.

There's one thing I wish they include in each season's box set, that is a comprehensive quick recap of the past season or past few seasons if there's already been a few. You know Lost style, with the narration that they used to do. A clip that's at least 15 minutes long or something. I have found that when I start watching the first episode in the new season, I can hardly remember what happen in the last season. For example I was watching episode 1 of Once Upon a Time season 2 and I can't remember what that purple fog was! I know certain series do a previously clip before an episode, but that's only like ten seconds. Hardly enough of a recap when you are starting a new season.

What do you think? Wouldn't a 15 minute or so recap clip of what happen last season be a great feature in a TV series DVD.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Trailer Watch: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

There's two trailers out for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. One's the teaser and the other is the main trailer. I saw one of them on TV when the trailer aired during a commercial break. It had already started a few seconds before I started watching, and the first scenes I had seen were the ones with Legolas and Tauriel. Honestly I didn't even realise I was watching a trailer of The Hobbit part 2 movie. I thought it was the trailer for the movie tie-in video game. I understand that the characters need to look younger especially the elves since they are suppose to look ageless, but the smoothening and softening photoshop job on the elves (mostly Legolas and Tauriel) were just obvious and overdone. So much so that I thought it was all CGI; that it wasn't real actors. Which was why I thought it was a trailer for the video game; especially since characters in video games nowadays look so lifelike.

Other than that, the movie looks action packed from the trailer. Unfortunately, I am not really interested in The Hobbit story and the first movie also failed to fuel much interest from me. I will, however, still watch this second movie since I would just about watch anything Lord of the Rings related.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

No vampire, werewolves or demons...this time the supernatural creatures are witches. Lena comes from a family of Casters and when she turns sixteen, she will either be claim by the Dark or the Light. Lets start of with the things I like. The Southern setting. There were some very pretty locations and the use of thick accents add to how the story is entrenched in a tragedy that happened in the past. It's all a good set up for a romantic atmosphere with a hint of darkness and suspense. The relationship between Lena and Ethan was given adequate time to develop and the leads had pretty good chemistry. I wanted Lena and her relationship with Ethan to survive past her sixteenth birthday.

Now for what I didn't like.We are told that turning Dark was bad but I don't think they really established what could be lost if Lena turned Dark. What does turning Dark mean? I mean look at Ridley, Lena's cousin who turned dark...yes she has that crazy eyes...but she isn't quite the loony shooting spells and hurting people. Or at least we didn't get to see the damage she did. Which then brings me to the special effects. It was not great. For example there was a scene with a twirling dining table which I suppose is a sneak peak of the power that Lena could wield if she turns dark. It was not was hardly scary. Additionally that particular scene did not quite have enough of the emotional punch of someone possibly losing herself to the dark side. Lastly, that flashback scene looked like as if a footage from a TV movie was cut and pasted onto this movie. It doesn't blend well and once again poor special effects.

Beautiful Creatures is one of the supernatural YA adaptation that undoubted wants to occupy that vacant spot Twilight left. Unfortunately the movie didn't do that well so I don't think they would make a sequel. But you know what, despite its flaws, I thought Beautiful Creatures was entertaining. And I like the switcheroo twist at the end.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Upcoming Book-to-Movie/TV Adaptations

I love watching movies and reading books. So naturally I often get excited when a book I've read get adapted into a movie or TV show. I was online the other day just searching for upcoming adaptations, and no surprise there are plenty of adaptations in the works. From the results of that search I've compiled a list of Upcoming Book-to-Movie/TV Adaptations for the rest of 2013, 2014, 2015 and beyond.

I've posted the list on my other blog, which is a book blog since the list is book related. Click on the link below to be redirected to the list. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Scene: Shaun of the Dead - Cornetto

I guess we do sometimes go through life a little oblivious to what's happening around us. And this just takes one step further. That's why this scene is funny.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Posters Galore: Serangoon Road

The poster for Serangoon Road. You may have seen my previous post on Serangoon Road last year here. A little recap; Serangoon Road is HBO Asia first original TV series which they co-produced with Australia's ABC TV. The series is an hour long 10 episode detective drama set in 1960s Singapore, at the end of British colonial rule, revolving around a detective agency. TVTonight has a comprehensive synopsis of what the series is about which you can check out here.

I am looking forward to seeing this. One of the reasons I love period dramas is how they try to authentically capture a particular time; whether in terms of sets, costuming or language. So I am curious how 1960s Singapore is portrayed in this series.

The series premieres on HBO Asia September 22 at 9pm.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Host (2013)

The Host was pretty awful.

It started pretty well actually. We see these pretty glossy images of people with blues eyes indicating that the humans have been body snatched. What resides within them is now not human. Then we soon see Melanie, how she lost her father, her meeting up with Jared, gets captured and dies or was dying and later gets an alien soul placed in her. Up till now, it was still pretty good. Not great...but good.

It came crashing down for me when Wanda, the alien that controls Melanie's body realises that Melanie's spirit still lingers. Basically we as the audience are able to hear the audio of Melanie's spirit talking to Wanda. But of course other characters within the story only sees Wanda talking to herself. And this on screen with the bad dialogue looks's just so corny, and as you can happens a lot throughout the movie. I don't know how they could have done it better but surely there is someway to make it look better than what we are left with. I mean a lot of books are first person narrative, yet in movies we often don't get voice over narrations or hear character's consciousness. As audiences in those cases we only get the ques of what the character is thinking by what the actors portray on screen. So perhaps for The Host they did not really need have us hear Melanie talking to Wanda? Wanda's actions could just reflect that there is conflict within her. In a way this alternative could also help us understand more as to why, the other humans did not trust Wanda and how they didn't believe that a small part of Melanie could have survived when her body was snatched.

The other thing that did not work for me was Wanda's relationship with Ian. It felt rushed. One minute he's squeezing her neck trying to kill her, the next he's gazing at her across the fields. Then boom they have a thing for each other. I mean I understand if Jared has a thing for Wanda, because Wanda is in Melanie's body and he can easily get confused by this fact. But Ian...nooo. The second he met Wanda, Wanda is an alien. A threat to all their existence. So I don't think the movie really gave enough time for that relationship to make it believable.

Disappointed by the action too. Most of which came as a result of Fleur (another alien) obsession over catching Wanda. There are a lot of shots of the desert and silvery vehicles trying to hunt down Wanda. But Fleur is hardly menacing and she is pretty much alone on catching Wanda, all the other aliens think it's not worth their its not much of an action thriller really. Additionally, the movie wasn't very sci-fi-ish. Most of big scenic shots were of the desert. And the desert was still the not much sci-fi elements there other than the gleaming cars. While in the town and cities...I don't remember any wide sweeping shots showing a transformed landscape from above. Most of them I think were close shots of exterior buildings or just simply interior shots. In short we don't really get to see how the landscape has changed as a result of an alien invasion which is usually typical in movies with sci-fi elements...and why have the aliens come anyway? Melanie briefly mentions something about that...and that was it.

In the end I can't help but think The Host is just another story/movie to simply showcase a love triangle. One scene that was cringeworthy was Wanda frantically kissing both boys. Anyway I don't think we'll get a movie sequel, even if the second book comes out.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Quality of Subtitles

One of the reasons I like watching movies on DVD is the English subtitle option for English movies. It bugs me sometimes when I watch a movie and can't catch what a character is saying. This occurs when a character is either whispering or has a thick accent that makes understanding what they're saying difficult, so subtitles definitely help me understand the story better.

However I have noticed that the quality of subtitles on some DVDs are crappy. First is that some lines of dialogue are completely omitted. Second is that the subtitling seemed to have been done by putting the audio through a program that transcribe the lines, with absolutely no editing. So words gets mixed up. Hear appears as here or wear as where. Also I've noticed that if the audio is soft due to it being a whisper (still very audible for me to hear what was actually said) or sometimes for no apparent reason, only some words get picked up or some are misinterpreted making the whole line incoherent. Basically the crappy quality of some these subtitles annoys me. Has anyone experience such bad subtitling?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Stoker (2013)

The movie opens with India in the family yard, climbing trees and awaiting her father's return to celebrate her 18th birthday. Unfortunately her father doesn't return. As she waits, elsewhere he dies from what we are made to understand is a freak accident.

India has always been her father's child instead of her mother's and being a rather lonely child his death is an immense loss for her. Her idealic existence is further disturbed when Charlie, her father's brother who she never knew existed, comes to stay with the family after the funeral. She dislikes him almost immediately, for what reason, I don't particularly understand. But after a few more scenes during the funeral, yes I agree, he is creepy. Throughout the movie, Charlie has a great interest in India. He seems to be overly watching her, expecting something from her. He continually attempts to engage her in conversation and waits for her outside school to drive her home but is turned down by India at almost every turn. India is at once repelled by his intrusion, his weird demeanor and how he seems to be seducing her mother yet it's undeniable that she is curious about that air of dangerous mystery about him. So is Charlie really just the concern uncle?

Did I mention India herself is weird? She seems to be friendless. We don't really see her do any normal teenage stuff other than going to school and playing the piano. We do know she is really good at hunting wild animals, a hobby her father encouraged. One thing to note though is that sometimes India acts very young, not in a childish manner, but young as in innocent. Yet she isn't quite naive. She seems to be quietly analyzing the situation and perceiving the the danger. Quite the huntress. And with Charlie, it really looks India and him are playing a game of push and pull.

Visually the movie looks gorgeous. It's shot very stylishly. Everything in it looks pristine and immaculate. The colors are bright. India's home is beautiful. Everyone in the family dresses very well as if they belong in some glossy fashion magazine from some decade in the past. It's well acted too, especially Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode who played India and Charlie respectively. Their interactions are always filled with a lot of quiet tension. And of course the story is very intriguing and strange. I can't help but try to figure out what is the deal with India and Charlie. Overall I rather like how it all came together in the end. Let's face it, if things look Stepford Wives-ish perfect, something very wrong must be lurking underneath. So if you're like a quiet, suspenseful, psychological thriller, you may like Stoker does not disappoint.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trailer Watch: Romeo and Juliet


Yes it's another adaptation of the William Shakespeare play. I've been looking forward to this since I really love the other two adaptations that I've seen: Romeo + Juliet (1996) and Romeo and Juliet (1968).

So the first trailer for this new adaptation has been released. I'm a tad disappointed. I'm not seeing that look of wonderment and glow of young love from this Romeo and Juliet. And in general there's just a lack of passion emanating from the characters, be it love or hate. But of course this is just the trailer with only bits and pieces of lets hope the actual movie is great. This opens February next year, a long wait.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Safe Haven (2013)

Ok so I probably shouldn't have watch this since I pretty much knew that I wouldn't like it. But, I was was running out of movies to rent from the rental store and I wanted to watch something that required little thinking. So in a way I guess I picked the right movie.

The movie opens with Katie the main character running around from some unseen attacker or crime. She manages to get a way and seek the help of a neighbor. Next we see her with newly dyed hair which is a lot shorter at the bus terminal trying to skip town while the police are at her heels. Basically, its sets up the idea that Katie has committed some crime.

Anyway, so Katie escapes, settles herself at some seaside town. Gets a job and tries to keep a low profile. Then there's her new nosy neighbor played by Cobie Smulders that urges her to hook up with Alex the owner of a general store who is also a widower with two kids.

I know! What are the chances of ending up in picture perfect town with wholesome characters after that horrible start? And that nosy neighbor, I guessed who she was from the beginning. Wasn't that obvious with the sagely advise and always appearing alone. Long story short Katie ends up with the Alex... ta - da...but of course that other plot with the cops get resolved somewhere in between too.

Ok, so the location used for the movie looks gorgeous. That's about the one thing I liked. Because overall even though they tried to create more depth with the whole crime plot, it's pretty much romance-by-numbers I think. The story is predictable, the characters are flat and the movie just looks like a TV movie. I guess watch it only you really, really love the romance genre and Nicholas Sparks books since after all this had been based on one.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies certainly creatively takes the Romeo and Juliet story and chuck it in a zombie apocalypse with the main character being a zombie name R, while the love interest is a living girl called Julie and the girl's boyfriend is in you know Paris?

Anyhow there's that little issue of R being dead and decaying which makes their union totally unacceptable. How then do you ask, does a zombie come to fall in love, since they're suppose to only be driven by hunger? Well R ate Perry's brains...ewww...I know. Anyway that is how he fell for Julie. Consuming Perry's brains enabled him to inherit his memories and love...and so R comes to love Julie. Then little by little, R's heart seems to function again and he's returning to life.

Now although having a zombie story told from the point of view of a zombie kinda goes against all notions of zombies as being brainless monsters, I still thought it was an interesting take on a zombie story. The R and Julie story is cute. However, because R can't really form actual words and speak throughout,  extensive voice-overs were used where R expressed his thoughts on almost everything including explaining the current zombie apocalyptic world to us. This got a little annoying annoying for me. I prefer to watch and see things being played out rather than be told. And I think some things just did not need to be told to us, we can certainly see it or just leave it for us to deduce.

I had been so excited to see this movie. I had expected it to be hilarious because the trailer made it look so. Something maybe like Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead which I love. While Warm Bodies was funny, I think most of the funny parts were already in the trailer, so I was disappointed when I saw that there wasn't much more in the movie. As for a movie set in a zombie infested world, although it does show how the current humans live, it didn't quite dwell upon the humans fight to survive. There were few actual battles, mostly at the end.  And also I guess because it is a PG movie, the zombies didn't quite look menacing. Even the skeleton zombies weren't scary and the whole deal with the skeleton kind of reminds me of Blade 2, with the "worse version of a creature thing".

Overall Warm Bodies wasn't great but it was entertaining enough for me at least. However, I'm not really sure what it was going for. It wasn't really very comedic, not really actiony and can't pass for horror either. I guess I'd say it was a light romance set in a zombie apocalypse. I wonder how the book really is.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trailer Watch: Austenland

The trailer for Austenland is finally out. There's been a drought of any Austen related adaptation since probably Lost in Austen, so I've been waiting for this awhile.

I can see from the trailer they've change some things for the movie. As to the look of the themepark - Austenland I have to say that it doesn't really look like how I imagined it...This one certainly is more colourful and has a glossy look about it, so it does seem they're going for more of a comedy here. And the guys all look dashing.

But what I want to know is...there's a swimming pool scene? Is that the cast hanging out after work hours?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Based on a book of the same name, Cloud Atlas is an ambitious movie that weaves together several stories set in different period of human existence. It attempts to establish connections among these different stories but what these connections actually were, were quite lost on me. It could be that people's needs and desires are essentially the same though they may manifest differently or that the consequences of actions ripples through time beyond what one can imagine. I felt the stories did not quite interweave so seamlessly and it messages got muddled within them. Beyond the fact that they used the same actors which may imply that some of the characters were the descendants of earlier characters or that they actually appeared in another story in a later time period, I could not see an indisputable connection between the stories. I kept waiting for that awe defining moment, some type of revelation, where something indeed transcends time but it didn't come. So basically Cloud Atlas simply had individual stories with pretty scenes which didn't come together into a cohesive narrative. Additionally I have to say all that effort in having the same actors play different roles...they sometimes distracted me. I kept seeing Tom Hank or whoever  playing this character...and oh here he is again...and there he is again...I could not see the characters for themselves.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Scene: In Bruges - Harry, I've got an idea.

Two hitmen plan how they should go about with their shootout, so that a pregnant lady is not caught in their crossfire.

This movie is soo darkly funny...and this scene just highlights that dark humour. Great movie.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Les Misérables (2012)

Les Misérables Movie Poster

I'm not a big fan of musicals. Sure I have some favorite movies that happen to be musicals...but I don't seek musicals in general. Plus I don't like the type of musicals where every word uttered is a song. This is what essentially occurs in Les Misérables. I knew that going into the movie, and I was prepared not to like as I usually don't with this type of musicals.

I was wrong. I actually really enjoyed Les Misérables. I have watched another adaptation of Les Misérables before, the 1998 storywise I am familiar with Les Misérables. Perhaps this aids in my enjoyment of this new adaptation? Maybe it did and maybe because I watched this on DVD with subtitles which enabled me to catch every word they're in a way I was able to understand and see more of how the meanings of the words play on the characters faces. I have a feeling if I saw this in the theaters I might not have like it as much.

Anyhow... really, this new adaptation is just a great production of the story I think. It's just so lush and rich. It looks gorgeous. And I don't mind some of the very close up shots of the brought across the emotional aspect of the story better. That is what I most appreciate in this adaptation, which I felt was missing in the 1998 adaptation. This new one makes us present in the revolution that those boys were fighting in and sense the heart and the adrenaline that was in their veins when they marched out. As also with Jean Valjean...I think I understand him more here too...his plight and his initial anger at the injustice of the world.

Performance...performance...of course one would have to mention Anne Hathaway's performance. She was amazing. The song I Dreamed a Dream that she delivered was just heart wrenching. I think the only relationship in the movie which was a disappointment was Marius and Cosette. I'm not sensing much chemistry with this...I much prefer the 1998 adaptation portrayal of the relationship. 

Additionally to what I enjoyed... among the bleakness...they still manage to squeeze in some humorous moments with Mr and Mrs Thénardier which I really liked. Though sometimes I think that Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen seemed to have just stepped off The Sweeney Todd movie and into this one.

In short..I enjoyed this movie very much...Love the songs too.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Scene: Beautiful Girls - We're as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet

Today I've picked a scene from another one of my favourite movies Beautiful Girls.

I love that panic look on Willie's friend, Mo, when he saw Willie catching Natalie Portman's character, Marty. All the while it is Marty who is actually making the proposal for a relationship.

Then there's the literary could I ever resist.

If you haven't catch this movie yet...oh do do do. It is pretty wonderful.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flypaper (2011)

I was running out of movies to rent at the local dvd rental store and the new releases which I was interested had already been rented out so I settled on Flypaper. I had not heard of it before, but the synopsis had sounded interesting enough. I had the impression that it was some type of action drama. I was wrong. It is a actually a comedy.

We mostly follow Patrick Dempsey's character, a neurotic man caught in two simultaneous bank robberies at the same bank. Trapped and unable to go to the pharmacy to get his meds, he becomes increasing neurotic. He's also very perceptive, quite the Sherlock Holmes. Believing that there is no coincidence, he becomes obsessed with unraveling the mystery why the two robberies were occurring.

This movie was quite a surprise to me. There's quite a few twists and turns, none of which I anticipated. And it's such a short movie. Only 87 minutes and packs quite a lot of laughs and action. Its funny and I found myself really enjoying it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Scene: Clueless Freeway Freakout

I rewatched Clueless recently. I have to say, I love it more with every watch. It's soo funny. And this scene where Cher and her friends panic when they accidentally got onto the freeway is just so hilarious.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Have you ever watch Bring It On? The first one.

If you have than you'll find that Pitch Perfect has a similar premise. New girl at school. Cool. Edgy. She has a certain hobby. But that hobby is not an extra curricular activity at the school, so she has to pick a new one. So she reluctantly joins a certain all girl activity.

In Bring It On, new girl likes gymnastic, but joined cheerleading in new school.

In Pitch Perfect, new girl likes deejaying and was eventually persuaded to join an all-girls a cappella group.

And like Bring It On, I found Pitch Perfect a whole lot of fun. The mash-ups were pretty good and I really like the singing scenes in the dried up pool. A little bit of comedy here and there, it really is the type of movie you just seat back and enjoy.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bachelorette (2012)

IMDB describes the plot as being

Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school.

I checked IMDB prior to watching this and saw the pretty horrible ratings. Yet, I still rented it, looking for something light to watch.

It's one of those stories that follows a group of friends a day or days before one of their weddings as they have their so called one last "hoorah" and finding themselves in ridiculous situations. I've seen similar stories in the Hangover. Also Bridesmaids and an Australian comedy A Few Best Men both of which stars Rebel Wilson too.

Having watched Bachelorette, I don't think it was such a horrible movie. But perhaps its just not an entirely funny one, although there were some funny moments. 

The bachelorettes/bridesmaids here are rather messed up. They are just not happy, bubbly, reassuring bridesmaids that you may expect. I thought it was interesting how the movie looked at how the upcoming wedding of a friend makes them reexamine their own lives and their insecurities. And yes, although they are happy for their friend, they are also jealous of her and start comparing how palely their lives compares to her especially in terms of relationships. As such, there was some form of an evolution of the characters in the end. I also think all the actresses did sufficiently in their roles, especially Kirsten Dunst as Regan the uptight meany but extremely dependable and loyal maid of honour. 

So all in all, not a bad movie at all. I rather enjoy it.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Recommendation of the Week: Empire Records (1995)

As the music industry moves further into the selling of music in the digital format, the survival of the brick and mortar music store is inevitably bleak. Just a few months ago, HMV UK collapsed. Luckily the HMV Singapore stores escaped that fate and remains open so I may still get actual CDs locally.

Empire Records is a movie set in the 90s about an indie music store and its eccentric mix of employees that scrambles to try and save it from being sold to some giant music company. The movie is somewhat of a fitting watch before such stores completely disappear in the near future. Plus I love the 90s and this was actually a pretty funny movie about a day that went all wrong and still manages to have a happy sweet ending. If only it was so for the music stores of today.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Host - was it that bad?

I haven't posted in a long time I know.

That doesn't mean I haven't watch movies. I have watch tons.

Anyway...I was so looking forward to the release of the Host. Then of course I read a bag load of reviews on how terrible The Host was. Some saying its either as terrible or worse than the Twilight movies. I can't seem to fathom that but I'll get to judge myself when I get it on rental. What a waste when they got such a talented actress to play the lead. And unlike Twilight, apparently the Host did so very poorly at the box office. I think it opened at 6th. That probably killed any chance of a sequel.

Well there's goes the chance that a good movie can be made from a Stephenie Meyer book.

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